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Basic Quran Reading For Beginners

Basic Quran Reading Lessons For Adults

Especially recommended for the kids and adults at the beginners level. This program will introduce the student to Arabic alphabets and tutor will teach the student how to pronounce the letters/words according to the Tajweed ul Quran Rules, Then moving from short words to small Ayaat’s and Surahs.

This course is designed for those who do not know how to read the Holy Quran with their phonetics and accent.


  1. Arabic letters and their sounds
  2. Recognition of the shape of the letter in the initial, medial and final positions
  3. Synthesis of Arabic words
  4. Learning how to recognize short vowels (with 2 letters, 3 Letters and 4 letters), long vowels (normal Madd: Fattah, Dammah, kasrah) and sukun
  5. Rules of using normal Madd extended Madd and tanween
  6. Rules of using Fattah followed by Wao or yaa Sakin, extended Madd, Shadd
  7. Formation of the word while properly placing the vowels on each letter, to finally forming an Arabic sentence
  8. Perfection of skills in independent reading of the Qur’an

This phase also includes:

  • Memorization of 6 kalmay (in Islam)
  • Namaz (Including short lectures on importance of Namaz in Islam)
  • Masnoon Duas
  • MCQs about Islam
  • Short stories about our prophets & Islamic talks

All mentioned above are Executed according to the capacity of the learners.