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Quran with English Translation

Learn Quran With English Translation

Quran is a book and the word of Allah, there is absolutely no doubt about the divinity of the Quran. The translation of the Holy book, the “Quran” is known as Tafseer. Quran is a guidance sent by Allah to all those who are (Al-Muttaqoon).

If you want to learn the meaning of Quran and read Quran with true understanding, you should join Noore-e-Hidayat’s Live Quran Translation Course. In this course students are taught the meanings of Arabic words and their contextual use in the Holy Quran. The Tafseer of Quran is given by experienced Quran Tutor to ensure the transfer of accurate knowledge.

Our Teaching Approach:

Following steps are taken to teach Translation of Quran:

  • In beginning lessons, students are taught the meaning of Arabic words.
  • After students start understanding the words, they are taught the meaning of Quran verse by verse.
  • In the advanced stage of the course, Quran tutor shares the contextual meaning of the Quran verses.
  • At the end of Online Quran Translation course, the student will be able to translate the Verses of Quran by themselves and also know the contextual meaning of Surahs according to the Tafseer.